Wish List Bikers Charity (Reg. No: 1187285)

Trike Rides For The Sick And Disabled

Who We Are

We are a charity (Reg. No: 1187285), set up by experienced bikers, to provide the motorcycling experience to sick and disabled children and adults.

We offer rides to fulfil a wish or dream, reunite ex-bikers with the joys of motorcycling, stimulate memories of days gone by, reduce social isolation or just to put a smile on a face.

We believe ourselves to be the only organisation in the country to be offering such a comprehensive service.

We are based near Beccles in Suffolk, and serve people in North Suffolk and South Norfolk.

We will provide rides for people who live outside our area if they can get to us.

Who Can Ride With Us

Whatever your situation we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We will pick you up from an agreed location which will usually be your home, day centre or hospice. If you are from outside our area we will agree a suitable location at the time of booking.

You can use your own hoist if necessary. 

The trike has enough ground clearance for the feet of a standard hoist to fit underneath.

Our Vehicle

Rewaco Trike

Our trike is factory made. It has an 1600cc car engine so it is relatively quiet for those who are unable to tolerate very loud noises.

The rear end is covered so small fingers are unable to get caught in moving mechanisms.

The footplate is 29cm (11.5 inches) off the ground.The ground clearance  15 cm (6 inches) which is enough for the feet of a standard hoist to fit underneath.


The Safety of our Passengers and Riders is our Prime Concern

Our Approach to Safety

Wish List Bikers has public liability insurance, and motor insurance. We have risk assessments for motorcycling in general , exhibitions, and for individual passengers. We have other policies relevant to our operation.

All of our team have had enhanced DBS checks and Safeguarding training. We have a Designated Safeguarding Officer.

The riders are experienced bikers and car drivers and have received further training in trike handling.

In addition the riders have received basic first aid and manual handling training.

Our Safety Equipment

The trike has a lap strap for security and we have harnesses to hold our passengers secure for those who need it.

All riders and drivers will wear a crash helmet, either supplied by us, or your own if you have one. We have a selection of different sizes, both children’s and adults’ sizes . If you are unable to tolerate wearing a helmet, either due to neck problems or claustrophobia, for example, you can wear your own lightweight helmet eg: cycling helmet, with suitable eye protection. Whilst it is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet on our trike, we view it as a sensible precaution in case of accident (or meeting an insect or stone chipping at speed).

You will ride next to a responsible adult, carer or parent, behind the driver so that if any problems are encountered during the ride you will be cared for. Usually this companion will be somebody of your choosing, who knows you and who will be able to deal with any issues you might have during the ride. One of our team could accompany you if you are unable to find anyone willing and able to share your experience, but they will not be able to provide medical care apart from basic first aid. 

Our Area

We currently only cover South Norfolk & North Suffolk (but soon the world!).

What Does It Cost

There are significant costs associated with running this charity. We estimate the cost of providing each ride to be upwards of £25.

We understand that people’s circumstances vary so ask that any contribution is made with this figure in mind.

Inability to contribute this amount will not be a bar to riding with us, however we want this to be a sustainable venture and available to as many people as possible.


Our Team

We currently only cover South Norfolk & North Suffolk (but soon the world!).































What to Expect on The Day

We will arrive at our agreed meeting point in good time to introduce ourselves. Your driver will check with you and your carer that the Individual Risk Assessment has not changed , and get you or your companion to sign the form to say it is correct.

We can decide on a route chosen by yourself subject to time available, your stamina , your companion’s stamina and the driver’s stamina ! If you have no preference we can agree a route with you to minimise traffic and maximise the views. Typically rides last between 20 and 90 minutes. We do not exceed speed limits, even for the adrenaline junkies, and will go as slowly as necessary depending on your needs and nerves.

We will then get you kitted up with helmet, jacket (a few available) and harness if necessary, and onto the trike and… off we go.

If the weather looks inclement we might ring to rearrange the date of the ride. It is not much fun riding in a howling gale, lashing rain or with icicles dripping off your nose!

If you are unwell on the day we will be able to rearrange the ride. We understand that with some illnesses people have good days and bad days.

We have a RADAR key and information on the whereabouts of disabled toilets.

Photographs And Videos

You will be free to take as many photos as you like, before, during and after the ride. If you want to video the ride, for instance with a Go-Pro camera, that will be fine. You will be responsible for keeping your camera safe.

 We would like to put pictures on our website gallery and Facebook Page, so we will ask you to sign a form giving us permission to do so.

We might show some of the photos to interested groups. This may be to show others how much fun the rides are, or for fundraising purposes.

If you do not wish to have your photos made public, of course you are entirely free to decline.

Your Information

We will not be sharing your information with anyone else and we are fully compliant with GDPR.

The information that has formed your individual risk assessment will be kept so that we do not have to repeat the procedure each time you ride with us. On repeat booking we will check if there have been any changes to your circumstances.

The information will be kept securely.



We gratefully accept donations from individuals, charitable organisations or companies.

To donate please use one of our options below:

  1.  Donate via PayPal.
  2. Donate via JustGiving.
  3. Cheques payable to Wish List Bikers Charity.
  4. Bank Transfers to:
    Bank: HSBC
    Acc: 94324862
    Sort Code: 40-35-09


Our Rides

Here are examples of just some of the experiences we have given our friends.

Our Supporters

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way.

We would also like to thank Nick at Emerald Autoservices Ltd in Ellough, DC Moncrieff Charitable Trust, East Suffolk Council Enabling Communities Budget, Unilever’s Pensioners Group and numerous other groups and individuals to whom we are very grateful.

Our Commitment

We are always striving to become better through constant learning.

How to Book

Our preferred method of booking is by telephone 01502 456020, as we will ask a series of questions about yourself and your abilities, or somebody who knows you well can do this on your behalf.

This is so we have appropriate safety equipment  available. We can also anticipate any potential problems with accessing the seats, and on the ride itself.

We call these questions the Individual Risk Assessment, which will also be undertaken by your residential home, hospice or day centre. 

We will agree a meeting place, date and time.

Occasionally we will need you to have discussed your ride with your Consultant or GP, as some medical conditions are not always compatible with motorcycling. We reserve the right to decline rides for a passenger if we feel that it might be detrimental to their wellbeing.

Call Us

01502 456020

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